10 Trends to Watch in Campus Technology.

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College and university presidents are increasingly called upon to make informed choices about technology. The rapidly shifting landscape makes it tough to keep up with change and innovation, let alone stay ahead of the curve. In this article, the authors discuss 10 trends to watch in campus technology. These trends are the following: (1) increased consolidation among colleges, computer companies, and software service providers; (2) increased competition between for-profit educational organizations and public institutions; (3) increased collaboration among private colleges and universities and community colleges; (4) increased governmental regulation of campus computer environments; (5) increased identity theft, online stalking, and cyberterrorism; (6) increased willful disruption of campus networks; (7) new teaching and learning technologies that address differences in the ways students learn; (8) making the CIO a cabinet-level appointment; (9) increased focus on planning for catastrophe and disaster recovery; and (10) increased impact of cellular technologies. Also presented are 7 skills of a highly effective CIO.
Martin, James; Samels, James E.
Chronicle of Higher Education
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