2010 Energy Efficient IT Report.

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Presents documents from the third annual Energy-Efficient IT report by CDW-G finding that three-fourths of IT professionals are working to increase energy efficiency in their organizations. The biggest barriers cited by K-12 IT professionals to becoming more energy efficient were budget constraints and an inability to isolate and measure the energy used in IT operations. While finances hurt those efforts, cost savings and environmental impact are also the reasons 756 respondents from across business, government, higher education, and K-12 education are driven to become more energy efficient, the survey found. Of those that are actively managing their energy efficiency, 56 percent have reduced their IT energy costs by at least 1 percent, up from 39 percent in 2008. Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor in purchasing decisions, 39 percent of respondents said, up from 26 percent of respondents in 2009. Almost 80 percent of IT professionals said they either have or are developing a data center consolidation strategy, such as employing virtualization, consolidating servers, or moving applications into the cloud, in part to cut down on energy costs.
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