911! A Manual for Schools and the Media During a Campus Crisis.

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School district communications planning rarely includes ways to work with the media during an emergency. This short guide is aimed at providing both school officials and media professionals with specific perspectives and recommendations for cooperating to deliver crucial information to parents and the community during a crisis on campus. The purpose of the guide is to assist school districts and the media in collaborative planning for a crisis such as a shooting, natural disaster, or other event requiring the attention of law enforcement. The guide touches on the following topics: (1) why it is important to plan for a crisis; (2) the needs of schools and the media; (3) who should be included in crisis communication planning; (4) what should be included in a crisis communication plan; (5) what to do when a crisis occurs; (6) legal interpretations regarding media access to school campuses; and (7) the role of law enforcement. The guide includes a resource information list and several checklists.
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California School Boards Association, 3100 Beacon Blvd., West Sacramento, CA 95691 ($10.95). Tel: 800-266-3382.
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