Absence of Resources. American School and University 32nd Annual School M & O Cost Study.

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An annual survey of school maintenance and operations funding concludes, among other detailed findings, that budgets continue to shrink in the face of a weak economy--the sixth year of dropping budgets and the smallest level since the survey began. M&O spending as a percentage of district net current expenditure sank to 7.4 percent in the 2002-03 school year, down from 7.8 percent the year before. The amount of square feet maintained per custodian continued to grow, increasing to 24,167 square feet from 23,985 square feet last year. Square feet maintained per maintenance worker also jumped, increasing to 95,120 square feet from 89,000 square feet last year. Acres maintained per grounds worker grew to 36 from 30 last year.
Agron, Joe
American School and University
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