Acute Illnesses Associated With Pesticide Exposure at Schools.

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Data collected by three national pesticide surveillance systems from 1998-2002 indicated acute illness associated with pesticide exposure at schools. Incidence rates for the period were 7.4 cases per million children and 27.3 cases per million school employee full-time equivalents. Illness of high severity was found in 3 cases (0.1%), moderate severity in 275 cases (11%), and low severity in 2315 cases (89%). Most illnesses were associated with insecticides (n = 895, 35%), disinfectants (n = 830, 32%), repellents (n = 335, 13%), or herbicides (n = 279, 11%). Among 406 cases with detailed information on the source of pesticide exposure, 281 (69%) were associated with pesticides used at schools and 125 (31%) were associated with pesticide drift exposure from farmland.
Alarcon, Walter, et al.
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