Adequacy and Equity of Facility Funding for the Kentucky Public School System

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Historically, adequate and equitable funding has been an issue in financing school facilities in Kentucky. The Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) of 1990 provided a new funding mechanism, the Support Educational Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK), to correct inequities in the funding for Kentucky's public schools and school facilities. The purpose of this study was to investigate the funding of school facility construction and renovation in Kentucky school districts to determine whether adequacy and equity were characteristic of Kentucky's facility funding system and whether or not programs designed to produce adequacy and equity were effective. The results of this study indicate clearly that the funding of facilities across Kentucky school districts is not adequate. Programs designed to improve adequacy for high growth districts have been somewhat successful, but more improvement is needed. Results also indicate that vertical equity and fiscal neutrality do exist in Kentucky's facility funding. However, programs designed to improve horizontal equity have not been successful. [Author's abstract]
Ralston, Jerry Wallace
ISBN: 0-493-98139-X
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