Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance of California K-12 Schools, Technology Transfer Plan (Revised).

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This technology transfer plan provides a time-phased tabulation and description of documents to be published and distributed to disseminate the results and to increase the market penetration of the thermal displacement ventilation (TDV) and ultraviolet-c (UDV) technologies being studied in this The plan addresses market barriers that often impede the adoption of new technologies and analyzes the roles of influential market participants in the funding, specification, installation and operation of these technologies. Potential advantages and disadvantages TDV and UVC technologies are tabulated. Information dissemination channels are outlined for each set of market participants, including publications, periodicals, web sits and upcoming meetings. Technology transfer materials are described that can overcome market barriers for the influential market participants. Anticipated technology transfer deliverables are tabulated with the expected delivery date and channel to be used.
Blatt, Morton
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