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Asbestos has been used in the construction of elementary, middle, and high school ceilings, floor tile adhesives, pipe and structural beam insulations, science laboratory benches, wire gauss on ring stands, fume hood panels, general insulation, and more during the 1950s through early 1970s. Why? Primarily asbestos was selected because of its fireproofing, acoustical, and sometimes decorative character. Over time, as the asbestos-ladened material began to dry, it became friable. In other words, it flakes off and becomes an airborne fine dust that suspends in school classrooms and laboratories. In 1973, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of spray-on asbestos materials because of a concern for potential long-term effects in children and teachers. Levels of airborne asbestos inside school buildings with asbestos-containing materials can exceed outdoor ambient levels by a factor of over 1,000. This article briefly describes the health effects of asbestos. [Author's abstract]
Roy, Ken
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