Art Accommodation in Secondary Schools. A Design Guide. Building Bulletin 89

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This document provides a framework for accommodation of art and design in British secondary schools, concentrating on the needs of 11- to 16-year-old pupils. Section 1 outlines the range of teaching and non-teaching spaces likely to be required and key planning issues. Section 2 describes each teaching and non-teaching space and illustrates furnished plans of typical spaces. Section 3 provides guidance on a typical range of furniture and suggests ways of using this to establish a flexible environment. Section 4 summarizes the main regulations, providing a reference for further reading and guidance on the lighting of art rooms. Section 5 describes new and adapted art departments in four existing schools. Finally, Section 6 covers general cost issues and includes a case study cost analysis.
Watson, Lucy; Wadsworth, Alison; Daniels, Richard; Wonnacott, Geoff
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