An Assessment of Green Design in an Existing Higher Education Classroom: a Case Study.

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Presents a case study assessing the quality of a classroom remodel in a higher education institution. Both the teaching and learning environments as well as the level of green design integration were assessed. The methodology involved five steps of data collection including an existing pre-design survey, interviewing five members of the initial design team, interviewing two faculty members, a post-design survey, and an assessment of the level of sustainability utilizing the LEED-CI (Commercial Interiors) rating system. Results from the data collected demonstrated end-users satisfaction as well as that the classrooms meet the criteria of a sustainable classroom. The project results now teach others how to provide sustainable sites, increase water efficiency, improve overall energy performance, and how to use of sustainable materials and resources. Furthermore, these findings show how to decrease construction waste, create a healthy indoor environment, and how to create an optimal teaching and learning environment. Includes 13 references.
Lilyblade, Annie
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