A Back to School Special Report on the Baby Boom Echo. America's Schools are Overcrowded and Wearing Out.

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The children of the baby boom generation, the baby boom echo, are overwhelming the capacity of U.S. schools. This report describes how increased enrollments are affecting schools in Maryland, Georgia, Colorado, Washington State, and California. Each state report draws on specific examples of enrollment growth that were taken from school districts. The report opens with an assessment of California's schools and how that state leads the nation in projected student growth. This discussion is followed by data on Colorado, which is expected to have marked increases in grades 9 to 12. Georgia, which has one of the fastest growing public school populations and which plans to spend about 4 billion dollars on school facilities by the year 2002, is described next. Growth in Maryland is highly suburban in nature and spread among bedroom communities, whereas Washington has dramatic increases throughout the state, setting the pace for school overcrowding in the Pacific Northwest. Numerous tables offer data on birth history and projections, enrollment numbers in schools, percent changes in enrollment throughout the nation, enrollment for grades K-12 in public and private schools, states with the largest increases, enrollment projections, data on high school graduates, the number and age of classroom teachers in public and private schools, and other information.
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