Belmont Learning Complex: Report of Findings.

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This report provides findings of fact on the development of the Belmont Learning Complex of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and contains recommendations to remedy identified deficiencies in the LAUSD's current policies and procedures for siting and developing school buildings. The report addresses the following issues: (1) the acquisition, environmental assessment, and remediation of all land associated with Belmont; (2) alleged existence of conflicts of interest relating to Belmont; (3) the selection, negotiation, and contracting process for the development and construction of Belmont; and (4) pursuit of legal rights and remedies including restitution in the event of the discovery of any wrongdoing regarding Belmont. Recommendations include reforming school board practices, developing new environmental/public health and safety policies, reviewing and restructuring professional staff functions, disciplining certain LAUSD employees, pursuing legal action against LAUSD's professional consultants or vendors, negotiating with and/or pursuing legal action against the Belmont developer, reforming the safety team, and implementing all requirements imposed by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control regarding the completion of Belmont.
Mullinax, Don; Eiler, Janis; Roble, Pete; Valenciano, Norma; Dungca, Conrad; Peregrino, Uly; Datu, Roger
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