Best Practices Guide for Public School Concurrency.

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Assists Florida school boards and local governments in implementing the state?s 2005 school concurrency requirements. It is partially based on the experiences of the six pilot communities mentioned above. Chapter 1 provides an overview of Florida?s existing school planning requirements and the legislative requirements for school concurrency. Chapter 2 addresses the establishment of a collaborative framework between the school board and local governments and provides a suggested sequence of steps for preparing and adopting the school concurrency program. The Chapter discusses coordination requirements, provides key documents and recommends best practice guidelines for effective engagement of the community. Chapter 3 explores the central task of laying the foundation for the school concurrency program. The recommended practices outline a series of collaborative steps a community can take to develop an effective school concurrency program. Chapter 4 addresses implementation and includes recommendations for the contents of the concurrency management ordinance. The Guidebook also includes model documents that can be used to better integrate the planning requirements and processes of local governments and school boards.
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