A Bill to Be Entitled: An Act to Enact the Schoolchildren's Health Act of 2006.

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This North Carolina legislation establishes guidelines for reducing exposures to pesticides, diesel fumes, mold & mildew, arsenic treated wood, and elemental mercury in the state's schools. Specifically, the legislation directs schools to do the following: 1) Adopt a recommended model Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in order to reduce pesticide exposures. 2) Notify parents and school staff when high-hazard pesticides are to be used on school property. 3) Exempt certain low-hazard pesticide products (such as baits) from notification requirements. 4) Prohibit new uses of arsenic-treated wood on playgrounds or other areas where children are at risk of exposure. 5) Seal existing arsenic-treated wood on playgrounds and/or develop a timeline for its removal from public school property. 6) Ban the use of elemental mercury in classrooms. 7)nEstablish a school bus exhaust and no idling policy to reduce exposure to diesel fumes. 8)Follow guidelines for mold and mildew prevention when building new school facilities. The bill also directs the State Board of Education to adopt guidelines to assist schools in accomplishing each of these goals.
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