Bug Off: A Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Granville Schools.

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Describes options for the Granville schools when dealing with pests. The guide can be used to incorporate Integrated Pest Management philosophy into the school systems. The first section provides the environmental context for an interest in pesticide reduction, focusing on the risk pesticides pose to children's health. The next section assesses the current conditions at Granville schools (frequently encountered pest problems, methods used to combat them, and inspection of schools for possible behaviors and structural conditions leading to the problems). The next section suggests ways that IPM can be used not just as a pest management tool, but also as an educational supplement. It discusses how IPM can be used in the classroom as a resource for learning. It goes on to provide a guide to IPM methods of pest management. It is tailored to address the specific pests of concern in the Granville schools. The final section proposes a policy statement for the Granville schools regarding pest management, and it provides a list of complementary sources of additional information for maintenance staff, teachers, parents, and students.
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