Building Clean. The Control of Crime, Corruption, and Racketeering in the Public Construction Markets of New York City. A Preliminary Assessment of Efforts Made by the Office of the Inspector General, New York City School Construction Authority.

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The Office of the Inspector General of the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) is attempting to secure the School Construction Authority and its building program from crime, corruption, and racketeering. This report is a preliminary assessment of this effort. It sets forth for practitioners and theorists the strategy that guided the establishment and operations of the SCA Inspector General and the key issues of implementation it faced in seeking to accomplish its purposes. It discusses the goals and other measures of success by which the SCA Inspector General would hold itself to account, the strategies used, and the underlying assumptions it made about the world it faced; examines whether and how the SCA Inspector General enacted its theory in concrete operations; and determines the effectiveness of the SCA Inspector General which assessed the outcomes and outputs for which the Office was held accountable. Finally, the report suggests further ways and means to evaluate more completely the impacts of the Inspector General's efforts on SCA building metrics of price and performance; on the public construction markets in New York City, more broadly; and on organized crime in the city.
Moore, Mark H.; Tumin, R. Zachary
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