Building Conditions, Parental Involvement and Student Achievement in the D.C. Public School System.

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This paper examines the impact of parental involvement on the overall condition of the Washington (District of Columbia) public school buildings, and then looks at the impact of various variables on student achievement. Although a complete set of data on all schools was not obtained, a sampling of 52 schools indicates that the size of a school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA) budget is positively related to the condition of the school building. The relation between the PTA budget per pupil and the overall condition of the school building was statistically significant. The condition of the building is related to academic achievement, and improvement in the condition of the building is associated with improvement in achievement scores. The policy implications of these results are discussed. Although actions such as the support of parents' organizations appear to contribute to maintaining the school in good condition, capital outlays to improve the basic condition of the schools may contribute to student achievement. There are six tables presenting study data. Three appendices contain data about the schools, correlation analysis results, and regression results. There is an 96-item list of references.
Edwards, Maureen M.
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