A Case Study of Environmental, Health and Safety Issues Involving the Burlington, Massachusetts Public School System. Tips, Suggestions, and Resources for Investigating and Resolving EHS Issues in Schools

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An investigation was initiated concerning the environmental health within the Burlington, Massachusetts public school system to determine what specific environmental hazards were present and determine ways of eliminating them. This report presents 20 case studies that detail the environmental health issues involved, the approaches taken in investigating each problem, observations on conditions contributing to the hazard's development, the actions taken to eliminate the hazard, the lessons learned, and tips and suggestions concerning preventive management. Each case study concludes with advice on resources that can be used to help schools in investigating and eliminating each environmental hazard. Hazards investigated include the following: chemicals; asbestos; indoor air quality; pesticides; radioactive materials; fire prevention; radon; formaldehyde; safety equipment; spill and emergency response planning; underground storage tanks; and discharges to sanitary drains.
Dresser, Todd H.
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