Children in America's Schools with Bill Moyers. [Videotape].

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A 2-hour videotape presentation explores the crisis in school building quality in the United States as illustrated by those public schools found in Ohio; the challenges dilapidated school facilities impose on child health, safety, and the physical learning environment; and the difference that money makes in providing high-quality educational facilities. Through comparisons between well-funded and under-funded schools it reveals how funding inequities create severely unequal school facilities and unequal educational opportunities. The viewer guide explains how current school funding methods result in unequal schools; reviews the lessons learned from attempting to pass bond issues for facility improvement and what can be done to find funding that creates equal opportunities for all students; and discusses the limited access to learning opportunities available through technology and what can be done to help students make full use of technology to help them be competitive in a global, technically rich economy. It also explains how Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system used multiple solutions, including community and business collaborations to upgrade its school facilities. Final discussions explore legal remedies for school facility improvement and eight strategies for getting started in developing school funding opportunities.
Hayden, Jeffrey
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South Carolina ETV Network, P.O. Box 11000, Columbia, SC 29211; Tel: 800-553-7752 (Toll Free)
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