Children, Learning, & School Design. A First National Invitational Conference for Architects and Educators.

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Presents papers from a conference marking the 50th anniversary of Crow Island School in Winnetka, Illinois, held in November, 1990 to examine how collaboration between educators and architects could be advanced to meet the nation's pressing need for new and remodeled school buildings. The conference brought together architects, educators, researchers, and educational facilities planners to define and refine their understandings of the relationship between children's learning and the design of the learning environment. Chapters include: 1. The Importance of Conversation in Designing Schools (Elizabeth Hebert); 2. Working Together (Steven Bingler); 3. School Design in the 1990s: Outlook and Prospects (Lisa Walker); 4. The Connection Between Learning and the Learning Environment (James H. Banning); Crow Island: A Place Built for Children (Elizabeth Hebert). The conference program, list of attendees, and author biographies are included as appendices.
Hebert, Elizabeth; Meek, Anne
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Crow Island School, 1112 Willow Road, Winnetka, IL 60093; Tel: 847-446-0353.
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