Children, Spaces, Relations: Metaproject for an Environment for Young Children.

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This book describes a project on designing spaces for young children; the aim of the project is to enable a meeting of minds between the pedagogical philosophy of Reggio Emilia preschools and the innovative experiences within the culture of design and architecture. The book presents the project in three main sections: (1) a critical analysis of the cumulative experience of the municipal early childhood system of Reggio Emilia in an attempt to identify the desirable characteristics of a space for young children; (2) reflections on the tools of design, with indications regarding both the distribution of space and the soft qualities (light, color, materials, smell, sound, microclimate), to provide tools for both the interior and exterior design of infant-toddler centers and schools for young children; and (3) essays discussing the pedagogical and architecture/design issues that form the theoretical basis studies carried out in the municipal preschools of Reggio Emilia and at Domus Academy as part of the joint research project.
Ceppi, Giulio, Ed.; Zini, Michele, Ed.
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