Commissioning K-12 Schools.

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Discusses commissioning of K-12 schools, with its unique challenges and potential for the impacts and benefits of a properly executed commissioning process that can significantly improve the quality of the project, reduce the overall construction budget and, most importantly, get the building turned over on time and functionally operating. This is particularly important in school districts that are desperately in need of classrooms, special purpose and activity space, and updated technology. In these cases, the architects may have the task of giving the districts the space they want, balanced with aesthetically inviting and functionally efficient buildings, the engineers may have budgets smaller than those for the computer technology going in the schools, the facilities engineers may already have too much to do and not enough time to spend reviewing the construction projects, the contractors are procured by the lowest bidder, and the typical construction schedule is 18 to 24 months. All these ingredients make up the recipe for a typical school project, which unfortunately has cost overruns, delays in construction and school starting, and difficult startups on the first day of school.
Villani, John
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