Community Use of Schools: Facility Design Perspectives.

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Today's education facilities are having to accommodate more than just traditional students and programs--schools often must provide access for night and weekend use, as well as serve as centers for cultural and recreational activities. Ways in which schools are including spaces for technologically advanced media centers, auditoriums that can accommodate professional performances, expansive recreation centers, and elaborate and functional common areas and multipurpose rooms are described here. The text opens with a discussion of some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the community use of school buildings and includes numerous examples of cooperative programs. The planning process is detailed next, along with zoning requirements and the numerous facets surrounding design details. Some of the specific purposes of schools, such as celebrating the arts and recreational facilities, are discussed at length. Descriptions of general purposes follow this section, especially the idea that the school is the heart of the community and should appeal to a broad range of age groups.
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