Comparative Costs and Staffing Report for College and University Facilities, 1993-94.

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Presents comparative data on facility management costs and staffing based on responses from 516 U.S. postsecondary educational facilities during 1993-94. Lists statistics from both private and public institutions, beginning with statistical reductions presenting the survey response tally, institutional profiles, and mean costs per square foot. Subsequent sections detail institutional indexes, profiles, costs, staffing levels, and utilities consumption. There is additional information comparing staffing salaries, percentage unionized, chargeback rates, contract services, and full- time-equivalent staffing, as well as statistics on mean electric and gas usage, other fuel usage, and water and sewer consumption.
Silberman, Gil, Ed.; Glazner, Steve, Ed.
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The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, 1643 Prince St., Alexandria, VA 22314-2818; Tel: 703-684-1446
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