Comparison of Predicted and Derived Measures of Volatile Organic Compound inside Four Relocatable Classrooms Due to Identified Interior Finish Sources.

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Reports on laboratory and field studies showing that indoor environmental quality impact of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions are minor when relocatable classrooms are ventilated at or above code-minimum requirements. Assuming code-minimum ventilation rates are maintained, the benefits attributable to the use of alternate, low-VOC interior finish materials in relocatables constructed by the manufacturer associated with this study are small, implying that it is not imperative to use such alternative finishing materials. However, it is essential to avoid materials that can degrade indoor environmental quality, and the results of this study demonstrate that laboratory-based material testing combined with modeling and field validation can help to achieve that aim.
Hodgson, Alfred; Shendell, Derek; Fisk, William; Apte, Michael
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