Comprehensive Fund-Raising Campaigns: A Basic Guide for Governing Boards of Independent Institutions. Fund-Raising Topics. Board Basics.

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This guide for the governing boards of independent institutions discusses conducting a comprehensive fund-raising campaign. A comprehensive fund-raising campaign is broader and more strategic than past capital fund raising campaigns. Its financial goals include all potential gifts from annual fund donors, all gifts for the endowment, all gifts for capital purposes, and gifts for other restricted purposes as well. Comprehensive fund-raising campaigns require intensive planning with board leadership and a written campaign plan. Comprehensive campaigns, most of which last at least 5 to 7 years, cost money, and the board must assure that the campaign is adequately funded. The campaign budget should supplement, not replace, the operating budget of an already healthy fund-raising program. Campaign leaders will develop goals for individual trustee giving and cumulative board support, and all trustees must be prepared to participate. The board must ensure that the campaign is conducted with the highest ethical standards and with sound policies and procedures.
Schrum, Jake B., Ed.
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