Decentralisation and the Financing of Educational Facilities.

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The OECD Programme on Educational Building and the Spanish Ministry of Education organized an international seminar in Toledo, Spain, from February 22-25, 2000, devoted to the procedures for financing educational facilities. The participants came from a number of OECD countries and for the most part play an active role in the provision and management of educational facilities. This report examines how investment in educational facilities raises questions of financing which can lead to privatization and to increased decentralization in management and planning. For example, in Mexico, financing school infrastructure is defined in an environment of federalism. In Quebec, preschool as well as primary and secondary education regroup the public and private sectors. In France, financing educational building was transferred to the regional and local authorities, giving them increased responsibility. Finally, the European Investment Bank presents its experience in the areas of financing and evaluation of educational infrastructure.
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