Demonstration of Cooling Savings of Light Colored Roof Surfacing in Florida Commercial Buildings: Our Savior's School.

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A 2-year Florida study attempted to quantify air conditioning cost savings when buildings have a white reflective roof. A 10,000 square foot elementary school with a gray modified bitumen roof over plywood decking that had a solar reflectance of 23 percent was monitored for an entire year. After one year of temperature monitoring, the roof was covered with an acrylic white elastomeric coating that achieved a solar reflectance of 68 percent. Classrooms were also insulated with R-19 fiberglass batts. Data show that classroom air temperatures were significantly lower during the second year of the study compared to the first. Additionally, chiller electric power use was reduced by an average of 10 percent, totaling 13,000 kWh in annual savings. School staff also note interior comfort conditions were noticeably improved by the white roofing system.
Parker, Danny S.; Sherwin, John R.; Sonne, Jeffrey K.; Barkaszi, Stephen, Jr.
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