Designing Communication and Learning Environments.

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Designing and remodeling educational facilities are becoming more complex with options that include computer-based collaboration, classrooms with multimedia podiums, conference centers, and workplaces with desktop communication systems. This book provides a collection of articles that address educational facility design categorized in the following four sections: conceptual foundations; design elements; selecting media support technologies; and case studies. Issues discussed include a seven- step plan for building effective learning environments, accessibility for the disabled, color as a design element, acoustics, flooring, electrical wiring and power, and issues on using such media support technologies such as overhead projectors, projection screens, interactive media systems, and desktop video. Case studies address the architecture and technology support learning at Dow Chemical, teaching environments at Penn State, the customer-service inspired environment, and audiovisuals in the boardroom and auditorium.
Gayeski, Diane M., Ed.
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