Developing a Distance Education Infrastructure

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Development of distance learning infrastructure is a multifaceted project, from the desktop to the far reaches of the Internet. Attention must be focused on the outgoing data and information, as well as, incoming data and information. There are four basic areas of concern when designing an infrastructure to facilitate Internet distance education solutions: hardware, software, support, and security. Providing the proper hardware to developers and support personnel is crucial in creating a productive and efficient work environment. Reliable and efficient Internet access is essential, with 24-hour availability and minimal down time. Software components for development and support are key ingredients to success. From a student and faculty standpoint, the course software must be user friendly with a high degree of stability. Support must be considered from both a human and a technological standpoint. Essential to any online endeavor is secure access and distance learning demands the highest levels of security. [Authors' abstract]
Kickul, Gerard; Snodgrass, Mark
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