The Development of Educational Facilities Through Joint Use Mechanisms.

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This paper was prepared as an outgrowth of a Getty Center symposium sponsored by New Schools Better Neighborhoods (NSBN) and its partner organizations in May 1999. The subject of joint use, generically meaning the development of K-12 education facilities in combination with other facilities such as parks or libraries, was broached at the Getty Symposium as one of several means of accelerating and enhancing new school construction. Accordingly, a working group was formed under the guidance of NSBN with the charge to research, evaluate, and formulate recommendations regarding joint use. This is the first in a series of products prepared by the Joint Use Working Group. The paper is an overview of the subject and a point of departure for further study. It discusses the benefits of joint use, such as additional student housing, cost savings, and community enrichment programs and services, as well as its constraints, such as conflicting or non-aligned goals of the partners, operations and maintenance issues, and regulatory constraints. Also explored are themes of joint use, such as the school district as community developer, leveraging community goals, and adaptive re-use of existing structures.
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