Digging Deep Through School Trash: A Waste Composition Analysis of Trash, Recycling and Organic Material Discarded at Public Schools in Minnesota.

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Presents an analysis of all garbage, recycling, and organic material discarded by six Minneapolis area schools over a two-day period. Two days'worth of refuse from six schools (two elementary, two middle, and two high schools) were sorted in 19 different categories. The study revealed that over 78% of school waste could be diverted from the trash to organics composting and container/paper recycling collection programs, 50% of school waste could be managed via organics composting programs that accept food waste, liquids, and nonrecyclable paper, 23.9% was food waste, and 23.5% was recyclable paper. The schools had an average per person total waste generation of just over half a pound per day. Reflections on how to reduce waste and increase recycling are included.
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