Dollars for Excellence: Raising Private Money for Private Schools--and Public Schools.

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This book was written to help school boards undertake a systematic campaign of fund raising for schools. The introduction describes the importance of fund raising that grows out of a school district's long-term goals and current programs. The two categories of fund raising include event- and donor-centered fund raising. Section 1 presents an overview of fund raising, including suggestions for identifying potential donors, developing a scale of gifts, communicating and acknowledging donors, and soliciting contributions. Section 2 offers guidelines for establishing and maintaining a complete institutional-development program--designing the program; planning for staff, equipment, space, and budget; and installing and maintaining an appropriate database. A case study describes how a private school developed a long-range fund raising plan. The third section is devoted to strategies for specific program management support: managing public relations and publications projects; organizing events; sponsoring programs; arranging for a specific gift contribution; and conducting a limited campaign. Section 4 describes the governance of the new school board and how to conduct an effective long-range-planning process.
Bunce, Roy K.; Leggett, Stanton
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