Earthquake Preparedness Checklist for Schools. [California]

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Provides a checklist highlighting the important questions and activities that should be addressed and undertaken as part of a school safety and preparedness program for earthquakes. It reminds administrators and other interested parties on what not to forget in preparing schools for earthquakes, such as staff knowledge needs, evacuation planning, nonstructural hazards to be addressed, communication system needs, and vital records protection. Also listed are emergency response actions to remember. The brochure also contains a legislative checklist of what public school administration need to do to in their schools earthquake preparedness to make sure they comply with all the provisions of state legislation.
Boren, Ann; Bulman, Robert E.; Bustillos, Terry; Godlstein, Jeff; Halgren, Fern; Morrison, Richard; Rodreguez, Arnold; Zwirn, Valerie
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