The Edible Schoolyard.

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Introduces the Edible Schoolyard Project (ESP) in which students create a garden, watch it grow, and develop a bond with nature. Chapters include: (1) Implications of the Edible Schoolyard Project (Wes Jackson); (2) A World of Possibilities (Alice Waters); (3) The Garden Experience (David Hawkins); (4) From the Kitchen and the Table (Esther Cook); (5) An Edible Schoolyard Recipe: Red Chard Wraps; (6) Nurturing a Climate for School Change; (7) A Conversation with Educators; (8) Developing Ecoliteracy (Yvette McCullough); (9) The Principles of Ecology; (10) Creativity and Leadership in Learning Communities (Fritjof Capra); (11) A Time-Tested Recipe (Zenobia Barlow); (12) About the Center for Ecoliteracy; and (13) About the Edible Schoolyard.
Capra, Fritjof; Comnes, Leslie; Cook, Esther; Hawkins, David; Jackson, Wes; McCullough, Yvette; Waters, Alice
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