Education Green Building SmartMarket Report.

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Details construction market research into green building in the education construction sector. The research that the education sector is the fastest-growing market for green building. The study also found that: 1) The concern for improved health and well-being was the most critical social reason for driving education green building. 2) Fiscal advantages of green building, such as energy cost savings, are the major motivation behind the construction of green schools and universities. 3) Higher first costs are the primary challenge to building green in this sector. 4) Operational cost decreases resulting from green building are the most important trigger to faster adoption of green school building. 5) There is a strong need for access to and information on green building products, particularly those relating to improving health, such as reducing mold and indoor air pollutants. 6) The industry is calling for independent, third-party standards for green building products. Case studies of the greening of two K-12 schools and one university are included.
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