Educational Trends Shaping School Planning and Design 2007

Examines 12 educational trends influencing the planning and design of school facilities. The trends were identified by reviewing the latest research on school facilities and student outcomes; current issues, problems, and initiatives in the educational field; emerging demographic patterns; and the author's previous work on this subject. The trends are: (1) School choice and equity will redirect facilities planning. (2) Small schools may be favored over large ones. (3) Class size may continue to be reduced. (4) Technology will be increasingly used to lower personnel costs and to deliver instruction. (5) School missions may change. (6) Classrooms will be reconfigured to accommodate various learning styles or tasks. (7) Schools will see extended hours of use to accommodate year-round schooling, non-traditional students, and community use. (8) Electronic media will increasingly replace paper. (9) Grade configurations will change. (10) Special education will continue to be mainstreamed. (11) Early childhood programs will expand. (12) Schools might disappear altogether in favor of home and distance learning. Includes 40 references.
Planning, Design, Construction