Effects of New Carpet Emissions on Indoor Air Quality and Human Health.

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This report reviews evidence on new carpet emissions. It compares emissions data from several studies, and describes the dominant compounds found in these emissions. The toxicity of each of these compounds is assessed for both animal and human exposure data. Differences and similarities between health responses caused by toxicity and/or by immunological reactions are described. Possible neurogenic pathways and associations between these and immune changes are considered. Factors affecting human odor responses are described. The roles that a variety of psychological factors also may play in the etiology of possibly related phenomena, such as the sick building syndrome, psychogenic illness, and multiple chemical sensitivity, are described. Gaps in the literature are identified and suggestions for future research are offered. Based on the present information available, it is concluded that under normal circumstances there is no evidence to suggest that emissions from new carpet pose any significant health risk to people.
Hedge, Alan
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