Energy Conscious Design: Educational Facilities.

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An energy task group of the American Institute of Architect's discusses design features and options that educational facility designers can use to create an energy efficient school building. Design elements examined cover the building envelope, energy storage system, hydronic heating/cooling systems, solar energy collection, building orientation and shape, on-site well with heat pump system, and waste water heat reclamation system. Additional considerations examine design temperature adjustments and natural ventilation such as use of wide band thermostats, lighting reduction, unoccupied space shutoff, and skylights. Final comments address central monitoring equipment, use of double doors on main entrances, the benefits of underground buildings, use of wind generation to facility power needs, low temperature room placement on the building's cold side to conserve heating needs, flow restrictors on water sources, greenhouse use, and use of extract-air windows.
Lawrence, Jerry; Bates, Elliott; Stein, Ben; Kuhl, Garrett; Hill, Alva
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