Facilities Information Management: A Guide for State and Local Education Agencies.

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The document was developed as a guide for designing and maintaining an information system about the condition, design, use, management, and financing of elementary/secondary education facilities. It includes commonly used measures, data elements, and a list of additional resources for the practitioner. Chapter 1 describes the purpose, scope, and intended audience for this guide. Chapter 2 describes how to use this guide to develop a customized information system, including how the facilities data should link to other data systems. Chapter 3 examines some key measures, such as school utilization, functional age, deferred maintenance, and expenditures per student, and discusses the challenges in standardizing the definitions of these terms. Chapter 4 lists hundreds of facility data elements, including standard definitions and options. Chapter 5 identifies additional resources, including sources for data elements and their definitions, that will be helpful to those involved in compiling school facilities data. [Authors' abstract.]
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