Facility Planning for Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics.

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This publication reflects the composite knowledge of many professionals on the topic of the planning and construction of facilities for athletics, physical education, and recreation. The text is organized into nine chapters: (1) Facility Planning Process: Factors To Consider (H. R. White and J. D. Karabetsos); (2) Indoor Facilities (E. Turner); (3) Outdoor Facilities (B. A. Macomber); (4) Swimming Pools and Natatoria (D. J. Hunsaker); (5) Large Indoor Sports and Recreation Facilities (T. Seidler); (6) Ancillary Areas (H. LaVoie); (7) Recreation Parks and Camping (E. Buchanan); (8) Risk Management: Purpose and Value of Risk Management (M. Rabinoff); and (9) Trends in Facility Design (D. Miller). Appendices provide information on planning facilities; associations pertinent to planning facilities, and planning for accessibility; Athletic Business Magazine's top athletic and recreational facilities; health, fitness, sports and recreation site inspection facility safety checklist and risk analysis; selected litigation, physical education; assumption, consent, waiver, release forms; safety certification for gymnastics; photos and floor plans of athletic and recreational facilities; and metric conversion formulas.
Flynn, Richard B., Ed.
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