Fostering Collaborative Knowledge Construction in a Video-Based Learning Setting: Effects of a Shared Workspace and a Content-Specific Graphical Representation.

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This study examined means of fostering videoconference-based collaborative learning. An experiment was conducted with 15 learning dyads divided into three conditions of videoconference-based learning: without shared workspace, with shared workspace and with shared workspace plus a content-specific graphical representation. Compared with those with a shared workspace, learning dyads without a shared workspace in the videoconference-based setting tended to make more effort at verbal coordination. The study shows that content-specific graphical representation can be a meaningful support measure in videoconference-based learning settings, whereas the effects of a shared workspace should be further investigated. [Authors' abstract]
Hron, Aemilian; Cress, Ulrike; Hammer, Karsten; Friedrich, Helmut-Felix
British Journal of Educational Technology
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