An On-going Research on Learning and School Buildings in Palestine.

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Compares drawings by children from two very different school environments. The project investigates how children and teachers in three recently built new schools in different regions of West Bank evaluate and use their school buildings. These three schools were chosen for this study because special care has been given to their spatial layout. Similar data are collected from children going to school in three old school buildings with more traditional spatial lay-outs. In their drawings, children from the new school give much more place to the surroundings, playground, nature, trees, open space, sun and also school friends (drawings of children in the courtyard) when compared to drawings from the old school. The authors suggest that this has to do with the fact that there is generally speaking more space and transparency in the new school. This could also be a hypothesis for explaining the more positive evaluation that children of the new school give about their school.
Al-Azzar, Ahmad; Joubran, Joubran; Juha, Linda
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