From the Ground Up: Floorcovering Recommendations from an IAQ Consortium. Issuetrak: A CEFPI Brief on Educationaly Facility Issues.

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This brief describes the findings of a consortium on indoor air quality (IAQ) in educational facilities held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The objective was to determine the impact floorcoverings have on indoor air quality in schools relative to maintenance, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne contaminants, moisture, surface contaminants, and product construction. As each type of floorcovering was discussed relative to the issues, participants began to formulate a consensus defining the proper floorcovering conducive to improved IAQ in schools. Floorcoverings reviewed were vinyl composition tile, conventional carpeting, and vinyl cushion tufted textile. The consortium also addressed preventing mold and mildew, controlling dust and particles, and eliminating VOCs.
Frank, David
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