High-Performance School Buildings: Resource and Strategy Guide. Third Edition.

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Provides information on how to create schools that provide better learning environments for students and teachers, cost less to operate, and help protect the environment. The guide is organized into three core sections. The first provides an overview and two interrelated discussions on what is a high performance school building and why are such schools valuable. The second provides a step-by-step process guide consisting of questions that decision-makers can ask their design team as a means of attaining the highest achievable levels of building performance. The third section offers 17, 2-page briefs that describe each of the key components of a high performance building. Each brief describes what the component is, why it is important for ensuring high performance, how it can be incorporated into the school's design, and how it influences other building components and systems. Sections four and five offer three case studies of high performance schools and a list of additional resources, respectively.
Evans, Deane
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Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
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