An Investigation Into the Relationship Between Daylighting Quality and Quantity for School Buildings in Hong Kong (China)

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The objective of this thesis is to understand some of the relationships between quantity and quality of daylighting, and to develop a research protocol to evaluate daylighting quality in Hong Kong schools. The hypothesis of the research is that interrelationships exist between qualitative measures related to student satisfaction and selected quantitative measures of daylighting in occupied environments. This study reveals that there is sufficient daylighting in most existing classrooms of HK. However, daylighting uniformity and appearance within a classroom are identifiable problems, especially in the classrooms with one-sided daylighting. Direct sunlight penetration and reflected glare from the blackboard are the major sources of complaints from the students. The thesis suggests that interior daylighting quantity and quality is a function not only of room design, reflecting properties of the interior surfaces, and window size and placing, but also of orientations, site conditions, and even the occupants' attitudes. These factors all make significant contributions to the total lighting in the classroom in various degrees. The study contains concise information to guide designers on the important factors when designing school. [Author's abstract]
Wei, Wu
ISBN: 0-493-98203-5
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