Iowa Demonstration Construction Grant Program (Harkin Grant)

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The Iowa Demonstration Construction Grant Program was proposed by Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa and originally authorized by Title III of Public Law 105-78 for $8,000,000 becoming effective September 28, 1998. Subsequently the grant has become known as Harkin Grants with Congress authorizing annual allocations of $10,000,000, $9,249,813, $9,000,000, $50,000,000, $6,954,499, $6,958,699, $14,880,000 and $4,789,834, with grant periods running through September 30, 2011. The purpose of the program is to help Iowa school districts correct fire safety problems and to help school districts leverage local resources to construct new schools or remodel, modernize existing buildings. Approximately 35 percent of the available funds have been allocated each year for addressing fire safety issues and 65 percent for construction.
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