Key Components of a School-Located Vaccination Clinic: Lessons Learned from Fall 2009.

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The 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus vaccination campaign focused on use of school-located vaccination (SLV) clinics because of the ability of SLV to reach targeted populations. Large numbers of children are found in schools, and schools are conveniently located throughout communities. Communities are generally familiar with and trust schools, and school facilities can generally accommodate mass vaccination clinics. School nurses are familiar with the health of individual students and may be available to assist in vaccination activities. In addition, schools have access to parental contact information, which can facilitate communications. Challenges faced by local health departments (LHDs) and schools in implementing 2009 H1N1 SLV clinics, including disruption of educational activities, locating adequate staff, tailoring immunization activities to meet the needs of each school district, and transportation and administration of vaccine, are explored.
Herl Jenlink, Carolyn; Kuehnert, Paul; Mazyck, Donna
Journal of School Nursing
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