Learn & Live Resource Book.

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This resource manual focuses on innovative schools around the country that are integrating technology and involving parents, business, and the community. Ten chapters are divided into four sections. In Section 1, Students, two chapters look at learning and assessment. The two chapters in Section 2, Teachers, focus on the role of the teacher and learning to teach. In Section 3, Communities, the three chapters explore involving families, connecting communities, and business partnerships. In the final section, Schools, the three chapters discuss reinventing schools, places for learning, and technology. Each chapter contains four elements: visionary essays; reports from individuals active in school reform; brief profiles describing how the concepts promoted in the book have been implemented in a variety of schools, communities, and successful programs; and a resource list of organizations, publications, and other contacts. A glossary and a list of electronic resources are included.
Burness, Patty, Ed.; Snider, William, Ed.
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