LEED Energy Performance Modeling and Evaluation of the S.T. Dana Building Renovations.

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Evaluates energy use and the energy efficiency performance of the renovations to the The University of Michigan's 100-year-old S. T. Dana Building for the purposes of obtaining LEED certification. The study demonstrated that energy savings in the renovated Dana Building are primarily from use of radiant cooling panels. There was a 12% savings in total regulated energy consumption (heating, cooling, fans and pumps, service hot water and interior lighting) and a 20% cost savings renovations led to an annual savings of 279,000 kWh of electricity and 586 Mbtu of chilled water. This in turn saved $22,861 and $11,474 for electricity and chilled water, respectively, at the current utility rates. The steam usage increased slightly and cost an extra $1,739. A comparison between the total energy demand in Fiscal Year 2002-03 and the simulated Base and Proposed Models of the Dana Building is also made.
Gundala, Sharada
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